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The History of Tookan

In the summer of 1992, Paul & Tina Cooper learned of some used screenprinting equipment for sale. That piqued their interest, since they had been considering some type of home based business to establish.

Realizing that there would be a big need for artwork and graphic design to decorate T-shirts, they teamed with Paul’s brother, Eric, who had recently finished at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, and began the process of getting a T-shirt shop started.

In late August, we found ourselves in a U-Haul, transporting our “new” 15 year old Lawson T-shirt press and Tunnel dryer to their new home in Beaver Falls, PA.

By October, Tookan Graphics had her first paying print job: “Mae’s New York Fashions” bowling team!  It was only a nine shirt run…a small order by any means, but very profitable in the sense that it was our very first step toward our present day success!

Tookan has had several locations in Beaver Falls, PA, our first being a small detached garage which we shared with an ‘84 Buick Riviera and a wood burning stove.


Humble beginnings for sure, but as we grew, we moved to more appropriately sized buildings.  In 1997, we landed in our present 4,500 square foot shop in downtown Beaver Falls…home sweet home!


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