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The Origin of "Tookan"

Ahhh, if we only got a nickel every time we were asked how our company name was conceived!

Well, here is the official story:

While dozens of names were being tossed back and forth back in 1992, one that seemed to  be starting to stick was “Cornerstone Tees”. It seemed like a nice strong and credible name, but as we discussed it more, it became clear that we wanted to move toward a more fun and colorful name. Paul suggested to come up with something that would bring a “Beach or Tropical atmosphere” to mind.

After sifting through several species of water fowl and sea creatures, we settled on the now “World Famous” Tookan Graphics!

As a t-shirt printing company, we deal with color 24/7. Colorful T-shirts, colorful inks, and even colorful personalities. The multi-color beak of the Toucan (Tookan) was our deciding factor! We thought it would project the image we had in mind, and so far, in our opinion, our predictions were accurate!

As the founders are brothers, suggestions to name the company Cain & Able Tees were quickly discarded!


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